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Aunt Jennie Remembers the Midwest de Moulpieds - Tommy, Archie, Clarence, Margie, and Thomas James

 A wonderful email was received from Sandy Coleman. Her father was Tommy DeMoulpied. Tommy's sister is Jennie.  Sandy has been visiting Aunt Jennie, age 93,  and has put together a narrative below. Sandy's Great Grandfather, Thomas, was born to Nicholas who came over to Wisconsin from Guernsey and established the "Midwest" lineage of de Moulpieds. More to come...enjoy!

Archie and Jessie (Currier) DeMoulpied were married on March 23, 1914.  They rode in on horse and buggy to Traverse City from Central Lake to get married at the Justice of the Peace.

Dad was born at home in what Aunt Jennie calls the “Tarpaper shack” (or tenant house) in Yuba.  Aunt Jennie recalls that when the baby (Dad) was close to being born, Grandma and Grandpa made her walk to her Aunt Margie’s house in Yuba (Archie’s sister). They did not want her to be there when he was born. She was 8 at the time.

The tarpaper shack was moved to the farm after the original farmhouse burned down. The roof caught fire when sparks and hot ashes fell on it from the chimney.  Aunt Jennie recalls her mom & dad putting her in the first “enclosed” vehicle they had.  She may have been 3 or 4.  They told her to stay there while they retrieved belongings from the burning house.  She also recollects feeling the heat of the fire inside the car. 

Archie & Jessie DeMoulpied lost the Yuba farm in the depression. From there they moved to a house near the Yuba Creek just off the main “highway” (31).  Then they moved to a farmhouse on the Elk Lake Road.  When they moved again in 1935 to Acme’s Deepwater Point, Aunt Jennie stayed with friends so that she could finish out her 8th grade school year at Williamsburg High School.  In 1937 they moved to Cedar Street in Traverse City.  The house was and still is at the corner of Cedar and Third Streets, right across the street from Mark & Kerri’s duplex.  That’s when Dad started Kindergarten at the Elmwood School at age 7.  He would walk to and from school on his own until the kids at Immaculate Conception school made fun of him.  Then his sister-in-law, Edith (Ervie) started walking with him.  They moved to Monroe Street after that.  The fourth house from Randolph Street, on the east side.  Aunt Jennie says they live on Randolph Street too, either before or after Monroe.  They also lived on Wayne Street after that.  When Dad was in his late teens, his parents had a cottage built on Spider Lake.  Grandpa Archie’s friend asked “Why in the hell would you want to be way out there in the sticks” according to Aunt Jennie.  They stayed at the cottage in the summers and rented a cottage at 818 East Front Street near the college in the winters.  I asked Aunt Jennie where they got the money to build the cottage.  She said she really didn’t know.  She thinks that friends and neighbors help build it over a period of time. Archie was not much of a carpenter or particularly handy.  In the early years, Aunt Jennie recalls her dad working on the railroad.  But later when they lived in Traverse City, he worked as a janitor in the TC School System.  Grandma Jessie worked odd jobs.  She remembers she worked at the “Little Mill” on Front Street sorting beans.  She also worked at a small cafĂ© called “Tom’s Red Hots” downtown.  She worked in the kitchen.  Tom wanted her to waitress but she suggested that he hire her 15 year old daughter, Jennie.  And she did.  Jessie also worked in the kitchen at the Elmwood School.

After Archie passed away, Jessie apparently sold the cottage and bought a house on Rose Street by the railroad tracks (now the TART trail).  Archie died at the county hospital which was out on Cass Road where the TCAPS busses are now kept.  He died of heart failure.  A family friend worked at the hospital and called Jennie’s house to say that he was not doing well.  Jessie was staying with Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dan at the time.  Jessie did not want to go to the hospital so Jennie went by herself.  When she arrived, her dad was in a back storage room with 6-7 other men on cot-like beds. It was like they were because they knew they were near death and there was nothing they could do for them. When she realized how bad off he was, she went to get her mother.  By the time the two returned, Archie had passed.


Thomas James DeMoulpied (my great-grandfather) was married to Lavina (Hosmer).  They had children Clarence, Archie (my grandfather) and Margie. They were quite a “well to do” prominent family and lived in Central Lake in what looks like quite a nice house. Aunt Jennie has mentioned a couple of times that Thomas donated a fair amount of money to the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Lavina died from some sort of cancer Aunt Jennie thought.  Thomas then married a gal named Lois.  That is who Aunt Jennie remembers most.  When Thomas passed away everything was left to Lois.  The kids never received anything.  Thomas was originally from South Dakota then moved to Racine, Wisconsin and then to Central Lake.  He left a brother, John in Racine.

Thomas James DeMoulpied and Levina (Hosmer) DeMoulpied

           (Levina had a twin sister, Laveena)

Children:  Clarence, Archie and Margie

Son, Clarence married a woman named Tressie, had three children; May, Irma and Bud (Clarence Jr.).  Clarence moved out west for some reason and nobody had heard from him after that. Margie married a Pearce and had a daughter, Betty who lives in Copemish today. Betty would be Dad’s and Aunt Jennie’s cousin.  Jennie still sees her from time to time.


Archie William DeMoulpied and Jessie (Currier) DeMoulpied

       Children: Ervie, Evelyn, Jennie and Tommy 

Jessie was from Charlotte, Michigan.  Jessie met Archie at a Seventh Day Adventist Church camp or some similar event. Her mother died from Typhoid Fever when Jessie was 8-9. Jessie had a sister named Florence and a brother named Harry.  She also had half-brother named Charlie.  Jessie brought her elderly father, Charles A. Currier to Traverse City when he was older to live out his life at the State Hospital.  It was said that he lost his mind over religion.  Aunt Jennie thinks it was Alzheimer’s disease. Jennie’s mother took her to see her grandfather in the State Hospital.  She remembers being afraid because of the stories she had heard.  Her mother told her that everything would be alright once that got into his room. 

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The Gresley Apartments in Manchester

The Gresley Apartments in Manchester, NH were built by Edwin Lee Le Gresley in 1904. The current owner was just in contact...

"There are  2 identical buildings.  One is called the Belmont and the other the Milton.  Named after the current streets in Manchester NH."
She is trying to put the buildings on a historical registry and would like to get as much information as possible.
  "Very curious how long it took to build these beautiful buildings,  I was told they were always apartment buildings." 

Edwin Le Gresley (grandson of Joseph de Mouliped) moved to California before 1930. However, he was still listed in the Manchester Directory as of 1921. He had a son Reginald, and a daughter Vivian. It seems Reginald perhaps did not marry, but more research is needed.  Vivian graduated from UCLA around 1934 and married Pierson Forderer.  They had Yvon Forderer around 1938 according to a 1940 census, living at: 384 Santa Anita Avenue Pasadena Judicial Los Angeles, Ca. Yvonn married David Arnold Todd II and is now living in Oklahoma. More on this family lineage at a later date.

If you have any information you can contribute, please comment. 

The apartments have a lovely website:  They have been beautifully restored and are quite elegant.

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Charles deMouilpied Furniture Store

Last year the Manchester, New Hampshire Historical Association put out a wonderful calendar. What made the 2013 year special was it featured Charles' de Mouilpied's furniture store. According to the calender, the  approximate year is 1915. The building still stands as a mainstay for Elm St. Earlier locations of his store are elsewhere on Elm St. and other locations in Manchester. This is perhaps the last location of the business.

De Moulpied Geneology from the Midwest

I received this thoughtful email which is loaded with de Moulpied information. It may be of use to some of you out there. I see that some of the births were in Washington.  If anyone can verify that, much appreciated. The Washington connection has been a mystery so far. Thanks and enjoy!

I am not related to this family but my gr-grandfather married (W#2) widowed Tressa M. Windnagle Demoulpied 1926 @ Traverse City, MI. Tressa May Windnagle Demoulpied Hamilton d. 1942 @ Traverse City, MI - see Mem#122851607. Her 1st husband & f/o four children was 
Clarence Martin Demoulpied b. 1885 - d. 1918 SD (see Mem#55565552). He was the son of Thomas James Demoulpied (b. 1857 WI - d. 1930 Antrim Co., MI) & Lavina Johnson (b. 1865 MI-d. 1912 Antrim Co., MI) - see "MI Deaths & Burials Index Records" ( Thomas J. Demoulpied did marry a 2nd wife after 1912 - see 1920 census record. 

Children born to Clarence Martin Demoulpied & Tressa M. Windnagle (d/o Edward E. Windnagle Mem#75301384 & Ada Bronk - Mem#75301392) were: Queen Bell Demoulpied Burton (b. 1904 MI-d. 1991 Mason Co., WA), May Demoulpied (b. 1907 WA), Clarence Earl Demoulpied (b. 1909 WA-d. 1984 Troup Co., GA - see GA Deaths & SS Death Index Records) & Irma Demoulpied (b. 1912 WA). 

I am sharing this info with you in hopes that it may be helpful in some way. There is presently a "Don Demoulpied - contractor" @ Traverse City, MI.

What an interesting family origin you have!

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Looking for Judith de Mouilpied

We have a request from a cousin looking for Judith de Mouilpied, born 1808 in St. Martin, Guernsey. She says:

I have been researching my ancestors for about two years now.  My maternal Great Grandfather, Arthur Le Patourel,  was born in St. Peter Port, Guernsey in 1881.  His paternal Great Grandparents were Daniel Marquand Le Patourel and Judith de Mouilpied.  I have traced the Le Patourel family history, on Guernsey, back to 1550 but, unfortunately, I have been unable to find out more about Judith de Mouilpied.  

All I know about her is that she was born in St. Martin in 1808.  Judith and Daniel had six children; Rachel (Patty) who was born in 1831, Daniel b.1836, Mary b.1838, Susan b.1841, Peter b.1845 and Henriette b.1848.

Do you have any idea who Judith's parents were? Does anyone have access to the St. Martin's records?

Can you help?  Please contact me!  Thanks.

Joseph de Mouilpied Ministered in Sorel, Canada

Up until now, the first ministerial position we knew for Joseph de Mouilpied was at St. Peter's Church in Malbay in 1860. There now appears to be some mention of him being at a church in Sorel, Quebec just prior to St. Peter's. Sorel is located between Montreal and Trois Rivieres on the Eastern side of the river, south of Nicolet. Pierreville is between Sorel and Nicolet. This is from a history book:

"In 1852, the parish activity increased sufficiently so as to merit an assistant clergyman. The Rev. Puricelle S. Williams was a missionary at River David, in the old Seigneury of Bourg Marie de l'Est. His services were obtained, and he came to Christ Church as curate to the Rector, while continuing his services at River David. He remained until 1857, when he was replaced by the Rev. Joseph De Mouilpied, who maintained the curacy until 1859. While serving at Sorel, Mr. De Mouilpied apparently also ministered to a group at Pierreville, Que.

An act of Parliament in 1860 changed the name of the town from "William Henry" to "Sorel", the old name of M. de Saurel never having been totally disused. Now the name of Prince William Henry became part of the history of Sorel, identified with the early growth and development of a town."

 The 175th Anniversary History Of The Parish of Christ Church Sorel, Que., By The Rev. Edward P. Vokey can be accessed here:

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A recent email arrived from South Australia - another person looking for de Mouilpieds. If you would like to connect with this person, just email me. This is what she had to say:

"I live in a small town called Cummins, in South Australia.
My mother (Jaqueline Anne, born Amhurst, Guernsey, 1951) is a DeMouilpied, one of 6 children of Rex (dec) and Madeleine (nee Bougourd). My grandparents came to Australia in the 1950's I believe, and resided at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. I grew up in Coffs Harbour, but married and moved to South Australia ten years ago.
 I would love to know more about the origin and history of the name."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Joseph de Mouilpied and His Children

Below is what is known so far, 3 generations worth, beginning with Joseph de Mouilpied  If you can fill in any gaps, add dates or offer corrections, do tell! More generations will eventually follow.

Generation 1 -
1 – Joseph de Mouilpied, b. 6/22/1824, St. Andrews, Les Vaurioufs, Guernsey;
       d. 3/19/1905, Manchester, NH; lived most of life in Canada.
        m. 10/16/1848, St. Michaels Parish, Guernsey to:
       Sophia Ogier, b. 4/13/1825, Guernsey;
       d. 11/16/1876, Three Rivers, Quebec, buried St. James Anglican Church

Generation 2, Children of Joseph de Mouilpied:
1-Emily Sophia de Mouilpied, b. 9/13/1849, St. Martin, Guernsey,
       d. 12/13/1904, Pointe St. Pierre, Gaspe, QC, buried in Church Cemetery
       m. John Le Gresley, 5/4/1867 Cape Cove QC, b. approx 1829, d. 12/27/1877; buried in Pointe St. Pierre Cemetery
       2nd m. Rev. Canon George Radley-Walters, approx 1879; b. Approx 1851, d. 11/19/1916, buried next to Emily. From Torquay, England; Reverend in Malbay 1878-1914, built Parsonage at St. Peter Point (Pointe St. Pierre), QC

2-Sophia Hamelin de Mouilpied, b. 9/17/1850, St. Martin, Guernsey;
         d. ?
         m. John Elbridge Smith from Township of Compton, QC,  in Nicolet, 2/29/1876

3-Francis (Frank) Arthur de Mouilpied, b 11/20/1852, St. Martin, Guernsey
        d. before 1920 ? Seattle, WA
       m. Emma Emily Drew, Lowell, MA 5/10/1882; b. 1867, Maine; d. 11/20/1935 Seattle

4-Charles de Mouilpied, b. 4/7/1854 QC, Canada,
       d. 5/22/1929 Los Angeles, CA, buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester, NH
       m. Nellie Tyron 1/6/1876 in Lowell, MA; b. 10/26/1857, Moria, NY; d. 1/1/1948, buried Manchester, NH

5-Walter de Mouilpied, b. 4/4/1857 , Sorel, QC, Canada,
       d. ? 1929, Hemmingford, Canada
       m. Ella Adelia Martin, 7/27/1885 ; b. ? 1861; d. ? 1955 QC

6-Alfred Ogier de Mouilpied, b. 3/12/1861, St. Peter Point, QC
       d. 9/5/1925, Manchester, NH, buried Pine Grove Cemetery
       m. Marcella Ward 4/12/1890 Manchester, NH; b. 10/1863 from Lebanon, NH; d. 8/8/1929, Manchester, NH, buried Pine Grove Cemetery

Generation 3, Children of:

Emily Sophia (de Moulpied) and John Le Gresley
1-Laura Le Gresley b. 5/1/1868?,Gaspe, QC; d. ?; 1881 Guernsey Census, age 12 living w/ Ogier Family ? Grandparents/Aunts; d. ?
2- Edwin Lee Le Gresley b. 11/26/1869, Gaspe, QC; d. 9/22/1943 L.A., CA;
      furniture store owner, builder Gresley Apartments, Manchester, NH;
     m. ?; daughter Vivian Isabelle married 7/2/1936 to Pearson Franklin Forderer, Glendale, CA, son Reginald, daughter Gladys
3-Edith Emily Le Gresley b.10/4/1872, Gaspe, QC; d. 8/25/1945
    m. John James Le Gros (James/Jack) 9/11/1895; b. ?, d. 2/1/1923, St. Peter Point, QC
4-Arthur Blondel Le Gresley b. 5/5/1875, d. ?
    m. Matilda Le Marquand 6/24/ 1903, Manchester, NH; b. 9/29/1884
    1901 Gaspe Census has Arthur
5-Ethel Le Gresley b. 7/20/1876; d. 8/5/1876

Emily Sophia (de Mouilpied) children with second Husband Rev. George Radley-Walters
1-Winnifred Radley-Walters, b. 12/30/1881, d.?, m? no children
2-Sydney Radley-Walters b. 11/7/1884, d.?, m. Marjorie Valpy

Sophia Hamelin (de Mouilpied) b. 9/17/1850 and John Elbridge Smith, unknown if children

Francis Arthur de Mouilpied and Emma Emily Drew
1- Blanche Mar de Mouilpied b. 11/1887 Lowell; d. 3/29/1971, Tacoma, Pierce, WA;
     m. on 6/20/1906 to Earnest Leroy Mason; b.7/13/1885, d.1/12/1954; daughter Evelyn Irene (McCann) b. 1/15/1908, d. 1/10/2011; daughter Helen Louise (Scott) b. 3/30/1917, d. 5/12/2011
2- Ray de Mouilpied b. 12/25/1888, Seattle; d. 11/28/1941 Seattle, WA 

Charles de Mouilpied and Nellie Tyron
1-Clara O. de Mouilpied b. 11/1877, d. 1961, m. Charles Hamilton George b. 6/16/74, d. 10/10/1944 Contoocook, NH; 2 sons, Charles Adna George b. 3/26/1906, d. 1/25/84, Murry R. George b. 1908, d. 2/14/1982; Contoocook, NH
2- Walter William de Moulpied b. 9/8/1876 Lowell, d. 8/26/1956; m. Bessie Whedon 12/24/1905, b. 9/8/1885, d. 6/8/1915; 2nd m. Jessica May Evans 2/11/1917, b. 5/1/1887, d 5/8/1973
3- Maybelle de Moulpied, b. 12/12/1881, d. 1/22/1971, Goffstown, NH; never married
4- Elizabeth de Moulpied, b 5/26/1883, d. 1/19/1975, Manchester, NH; never married
5- Maude T. de Moulpied, b. 11/9/1888, d. 11/16/1892, Manchester, NH
6- Charles Kenneth de Moulpied, b. 10/3/1898, d. 7/29/1971 Maine; m. Bernice Newall 2/14/1920, divorced: m. Euphemia (Newton) Pollard 11/7/1927, daughter Dorothy? div; m. Elizabeth M. Pinkham, b. 1/22/1916, d. 6/4/1966 Maine; daughter Sandra b.3/30/1938, d. 10/3/2000 Brewer, Maine, m. William Littlefield 10/25/1957

Walter de Mouilpied, Dr. and Ella Adelia Martin
1- Gwendolyn Adelia de Mouilpied, b.1886, d.?, m 1910 Wilmur Pope Fisher  ; daughter Phyllis Joy Fisher b. 4/17/1912, d.?, m. Erle Martin 12/9/1939
2- Reginald de Moulpied b. 9/7/1888, d. 12/25/1946, Canada, m. Annie May Fisher ?; Annie died 9/15/1956 (sister to Wilmer Fisher)
3- Ella Maud b. 1884

Alfred Ogier de Mouilpied and Marcela Ward
1-Lucille de Mouilpied, b. 4/1891, d. 10/18/1969, m. Charles Coe 1/30/1915, b. 1888, d. 9/8/1942; buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester, NH
2-Arthur Ward de Moulpied, b. 12/5/1892, d. 2/21/1938, buried York, Maine, Church Cemetery; m. Margaret E. Cheney ?, b. 1908, d. 1991, at sea.
3- Mildred Mary de Moulpied b. 12/24/1893, d.1937, m. Robert Lake Bartlett 10/11/1919, b. 2/11/1994, d. 4/1966; daughter Mary Bartlett b. 1926, d. 3/31/1999 m. Swick, 2nd m. Mills
4- Paul Alfred de Moulpied b. 8/24/1897, d. 10/21/1965 at sea; m. Alice Watson, b.8/26/1999, d.6/21/1993 

 St. Peter's Church, Malbaie, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, near Pointe St. Pierre. Joseph was Minister here 1860-1870.

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Blondel Family Crest from Guernsey

Blondel is a big family name on Guernsey. Marie Blondel married Thomas de Mouilpied probably around 1808 or 1809 since their first child Marie was born in 1810. A previous blog post goes into the Blondel/deMouilpied marriage and the connection to Blondel de Nesle, the Minstrel. Several de Moulpied cousins have pulled out the same photo from a drawing that shows the Blondel Crest. It was originally with the deMouilpied crest as seen here.

On Islands like Guernsey, the crests (not coats) may have changed through the generations, or so I have been told. There is suppose to be a Blondel crest in the St. Saviour's Parish Church which was the parish of many Blondels. I was told it was in a corner, up high, just in case you happen to be in there and would like to confirm the sighting and also know if it is the same. (a photo would be fantastic!) What is interesting is a fancy "buy your family crest now" website actually has a similar crest with all the same number of windows. Very interesting.The image above is also in French.
 So for all you Blondel followers, here you go.

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deMouilpieds In South Wales

Some recent correspondences have brought together two de Mouilpied descendants from South Wales (UK.) Apparently a Nicolas de Mouilpied jumped ship before the 1900's and his son, also a Nicolas, went on to have 10 or 11 children. Some members have dropped the beginning de and also that first "i" resulting in the last name Moulpied. It is estimated the jumping Nicolas was born in 1883ish and his father, also probably a Nicolas b. 1840ish.

If you have any more information or genealogy on this branch of the family which settled in Wales, kindly be in touch. There are some enthusiastic de Mouilpieds (and Moulpieds) wanting to meet their local cousins.